This blog contains nightingale's innermost thoughts and emotions about joy & sorrow, loyalty & betrayal, hope & despair, faith & doubt, and most of all, about love & loss.

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Things I Could Do

If my hands weren’t tied
I could hold tight
If my eyes weren’t covered
I could see light

If my wings weren’t clipped
I could have been free
If my mouth weren’t gagged
I could have given my plea

If my options weren’t limited
I could have had a choice
If I were given the chance to be heard
I could have let him hear my voice

If my opinions were valued
I could have given more
If my thoughts were worth it
I could more than just adore

If I were to speak
I could make him understand
If I were to act
I could make it grand

If I were to show how I feel
I could make him fall at awe
If I were to care
I could create without a flaw

If I were to love
I could’ve moved mountains
If I were only understood
I could’ve grown gardens

But I do love him
How could I let him know?
Every tear he’s worth it all
Don’t care I’ve fallen woe

If he’d only let me do all these
Not even a dragon could stop me
Its rage doesn’t scare at all
I’m unafraid to no degree


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Questions to Oneself

Ever had questions to yourself left unanswered?
That feeling of being choked, the need to say something?
When you’re about to speak, your voice breaks, you quaver?
And when you do, you find no one’s around listening?

These questions to myself I thought about long and hard;
No one to seek answers to but myself abound;
I’m dealt in a blindfold, no choice but this losing card;
Mercilessly, ruthlessly, or so it may sound.

If I had control, would it have been wise?
If I had been wise, would I have stood guard?
If I had stood guard, wouldn’t it suffice?
If it had sufficed, would I not be marred?

If I weren’t marred, would I be this strong?
If I were strong, should I not let me cry?
If I let me cry, what have I done wrong?
If I were wrong, wasn’t it worth a try?

If I didn’t try, would I’ve been happy?
If I’d been happy, would I know sorrow?
If I knew sorrow, would I clearly see?
If I see clearly, wouldn’t I follow?

If I follow, would I know now it’s love?
If I love, should I not allow regrets?
If I regret, wouldn’t I’ve failed, kind of?
If I’d failed, would I know what love begets?

Beautiful love, what does it beget?
Is it pain and sorrow, or breath and life?
Painful memories, should I forget?
And come march in a band playing a fife?

These I bring to bed every time I sleep;
Here remains a question to myself, must be true to:
“Was he worth it all every time I weep?”
Ahh… this is a question I have the right answers to.

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No Regrets

Fell in love, heart torn into pieces
Learnt to forget all bad memories
Became guarded, too emotionless
Mouth muted, even became speechless

But came a li’l bird unexpected
Unafraid, dauntless, and kind-hearted
Flying above, watching me love I buried
Eyes filled with warmth, I see him avid

It sees through my eyes a sadness that’s aging
It speaks to me about hope and forgiving
“Be not afraid, love again, stop pretending
Spread your wings, fly high with me unfaltering”

I rose, wobbled, I’m learning to walk
Flapped my wings, I’m beginning to talk
I quavered, trembled, “please be my rock?”
Reached for my wing, “you don’t have to knock”

A nightingale, it is, just like me
Poetry and rhymes, we sing freely
A reflection of me, to love’s easy
Delicate and fragile, he is me

But thousands of miles, he has travelled
Mountains and oceans, he’s exhausted
Could carry on no longer, he pointed
He flew away, I was dumbfounded

He’s gone just like that, and I don’t know why
Slumped on the ground, not even a goodbye
This familiar feeling, the end draws nigh
I gazed blankly to the sky, I did cry

My nightingale is gone whom I just met
Should I whimper? Should I wail? Should I fret?
What are these tears for? Do I love him yet?
I think I do, this I would never regret

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A Beautiful Stranger

Along came a silhouette, graceful and beautiful
With radiant glow, it turns into a man sturdy and strong
With his brawny arms, he carries me carefully
“Rest your head on my shoulder”, he softly whispers
Wrapping my arms around him, I’ll never let go
A beautiful stranger appears before me, who is he?

With wings as white as the clouds in the sky, wears he
We lifted up high above, everything is a thing of beauty
I’m afloat, flying, gracing in the air, to heaven we go
Holding me tight, his arms around me with godly strength
He brings me closer to him, “Don’t be afraid” he whispers
We descend, in the flower fields he lays me down with care

He takes my hand, “Dance with me”, he strides, he cares
I melt in his words, swept me off my feet, did he
Swaying here and there, a sudden gust of wind whispering
And I wonder, could this be true? He’s too beautiful!
Believe. It is real. But shouldn’t forget to keep my strength
For one day, this beautiful stranger might just come and go

His eyes, brown and deep, all fear I know is gone
Falling into the deep abyss again, I don’t care
For he’s with me now, his presence keeps me strong
“My darling, look forward, look beyond”, says he
Touches my face, “You are a marvel of a true woman’s beauty”
“Like a little boy’s marbles that you so treasure?” I whisper

“Indeed, like the ones I’ll keep forever”, back to me he whispers
Just as I was about to reach for him, he flies away, there he goes
If he’s gone forever, how can I see life’s beauty?
If I follow and fall, if I fumble and stumble, would he care?
No goodbyes, no closure, no farewell, how could he?
Would I live? Would I love again? Would I be strong?

Do not fret, keep yourself with faith, hope and strength
“Do more, give more, love more”, to myself I whisper
Keep singing, keep dancing, keep living, give it all for him
Scared, scarred, exhausted he is, why away he goes
Mend him, heal him, cure a heart, don’t stop caring
This is what makes this stranger more than beautiful

With all my strength, will hold tight, never will I let go
To him, I whisper in the clouds, “I’ll never stop caring”
Nothing in this world could describe a stranger this beautiful