This blog contains nightingale's innermost thoughts and emotions about joy & sorrow, loyalty & betrayal, hope & despair, faith & doubt, and most of all, about love & loss.

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A young girl at ten, brimming with childish dreams
Undaunted of what lies ahead, what life has to offer
She catches every raindrop with happy screams
Amazed of what the future promises or so it seems

A teener she has become, she glows with beauty
Boys adore the innocence of youth that she brings
Heaven’s blessings, every raindrop she recounts fondly
She dances, she sings, she laughs, she’s dreamy

She’s 21, she stands tall, to others she’s a beacon
Strong-willed, aspiring, she conquers the world
As raindrops touch her face, she smiles back to heaven
Chuffed she is, grateful about life for the right reason

Seven years have passed, she gushes with affection
Yet she loses her heart and lost it all to one
Now she makes a rain of her own, she sees her reflection
Not of a child’s nor a teener’s, but a face of her imperfection

She wanders around to find her heart that she once lost
But she loses her way, she felt helpless, desperate
Heaven’s teardrops are what she sees now, that’s the cost
Every drop stings her flesh, she stood guard, turns her frost

She stands once again, to the crowd she’s now cold
Once a promise, these beads of tears from the sky pierce her soul
She finds shelter in the shadow of her grief, they thought it’s bold
They know not she’s wounded, this once dauntless girl in a story told