This blog contains nightingale's innermost thoughts and emotions about joy & sorrow, loyalty & betrayal, hope & despair, faith & doubt, and most of all, about love & loss.

Things I Could Do

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If my hands weren’t tied
I could hold tight
If my eyes weren’t covered
I could see light

If my wings weren’t clipped
I could have been free
If my mouth weren’t gagged
I could have given my plea

If my options weren’t limited
I could have had a choice
If I were given the chance to be heard
I could have let him hear my voice

If my opinions were valued
I could have given more
If my thoughts were worth it
I could more than just adore

If I were to speak
I could make him understand
If I were to act
I could make it grand

If I were to show how I feel
I could make him fall at awe
If I were to care
I could create without a flaw

If I were to love
I could’ve moved mountains
If I were only understood
I could’ve grown gardens

But I do love him
How could I let him know?
Every tear he’s worth it all
Don’t care I’ve fallen woe

If he’d only let me do all these
Not even a dragon could stop me
Its rage doesn’t scare at all
I’m unafraid to no degree


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