This blog contains nightingale's innermost thoughts and emotions about joy & sorrow, loyalty & betrayal, hope & despair, faith & doubt, and most of all, about love & loss.

Questions to Oneself

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Ever had questions to yourself left unanswered?
That feeling of being choked, the need to say something?
When you’re about to speak, your voice breaks, you quaver?
And when you do, you find no one’s around listening?

These questions to myself I thought about long and hard;
No one to seek answers to but myself abound;
I’m dealt in a blindfold, no choice but this losing card;
Mercilessly, ruthlessly, or so it may sound.

If I had control, would it have been wise?
If I had been wise, would I have stood guard?
If I had stood guard, wouldn’t it suffice?
If it had sufficed, would I not be marred?

If I weren’t marred, would I be this strong?
If I were strong, should I not let me cry?
If I let me cry, what have I done wrong?
If I were wrong, wasn’t it worth a try?

If I didn’t try, would I’ve been happy?
If I’d been happy, would I know sorrow?
If I knew sorrow, would I clearly see?
If I see clearly, wouldn’t I follow?

If I follow, would I know now it’s love?
If I love, should I not allow regrets?
If I regret, wouldn’t I’ve failed, kind of?
If I’d failed, would I know what love begets?

Beautiful love, what does it beget?
Is it pain and sorrow, or breath and life?
Painful memories, should I forget?
And come march in a band playing a fife?

These I bring to bed every time I sleep;
Here remains a question to myself, must be true to:
“Was he worth it all every time I weep?”
Ahh… this is a question I have the right answers to.


One thought on “Questions to Oneself

  1. from darkness emerge a dragon
    for its been too long in dark
    filled with hatred it hangs in
    evolving sorrows to no benchmark

    hideous creature lonely to rove
    to each destiny a different fiction
    an ugly air born aiming for a dove
    surviving to be its only diction

    spitting fire in different direction
    for it is scared of being unique
    people will corner it in any section
    who would bare be titled “freak”

    Dragon now dive back to darkness
    finally to realize journey to inbound
    and all its hatred is so harmless
    still can’t find life on ground

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