This blog contains nightingale's innermost thoughts and emotions about joy & sorrow, loyalty & betrayal, hope & despair, faith & doubt, and most of all, about love & loss.

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Fate At A Distance

Clinging on the edge of hope, she once had
Hanging by a thread, she’s almost gone mad
Reaching out for a hand, she must be saved
Inside she bleeds for all her heart she gave
Smiles but cries, laughs in pain
Time has told, all in vain
If she could turn back time around
Never would she be on the ground
Empty soul, broken dreams, she lays waiting…

Chimes of songs to her he brings with grace
Humming lullabies she floats in space
Ardent eyes this knight is armed
Rescues her, her life is charmed
Like a rose blooming in a desert
Enticing a crowd in a concert
She is wrapped in his arms, no more waiting.


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A Voice From Afar

Calling me tenderly while I lie awake
Harp of an angel it sounds out I can make
A calming gust of wind brushes my face
Rustles of leaves that last ’til summer days
Lulling me to sleep, oh I’d stay like this
Echoing everywhere, no one would miss
Songs of hope, faith and love
Just flying like a dove
Beyond grasp ’tis, this voice from afar
Ever will I reach a shooting star?
I ponder, I wonder, but I wander
Longing for his touch, he’s out there.
You know you. Read the lines, I dare.

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Thousands of Miles

As I watch a distant glowing glare
Beyond the horizon I wonder
Out he emerges with flawless flair
Slowly, gently takes me there yonder

He holds me close, never letting go
Out in the flower fields, we frolic
Yearning that time passes by so slow
Leave the past, be not melancholic

He touches my face, so soft says he
His warmth runs down my spine, I shiver
Brushing his hands with mine, so let be
Trickling down, I drown in his river

Voice as sweet as a soft lullaby
Like a baby, asleep did I fall
Soothing melody fluttering by
Fly free says he, like an angel’s call

As I lay down, I open my eyes
Only a dream it was for a day
‘Cause between us are thousands of miles
Why’d he have to be so far away?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

I’ve had the pleasure to travel to Vietnam last year and experience the exciting Halong Bay Cruise. One of the itineraries of the trip is kayaking around Luon Cave.

In the photo is an arched entrance leading to Luon Grotto. Inside awaits a breathtaking scenery – a tranquil lake, high stone walls, frolicsome monkeys, and sweet-scented flowers. A place where you can get lost to and start anew .

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

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This glass window by the entranceway to the Macau Tower Skywalk has a powerful message to tourists that challenges them to take more risks, pushing them to their limits. After achieving the 20-minute walk at a height of 760 ft, you may surprise yourself of what you are capable of. You come out a different person, adaptable to change, unafraid for a whole new beginning.

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You Can Never Undo Your Past…Be a Butterfly

I’ve been haunted by a broken heart for the past 6 years. When people ask me why I’m still single, my mind would revert to the night my heart was crushed. A lot of guys have actually asked me out but nobody seemed to be good enough for me. Sometimes I’d find myself digging up the most reasonable excuse why I can’t go out with them but most of them, if not, all, even became more persistent in pursuing me which annoyed me even more until I tell them point blank, “Stop it! The answer is NO!”. Then they’d disappear right away.

I rejected a lot of people because I couldn’t trust anybody anymore. I chose to keep to myself because I couldn’t tell my friends how I lost my decisiveness to one stupid mistake which could’ve been avoided. I struggled alone in this emotional battle because I had pride. I chose to handle everything myself and it only scarred me.

Since then, I’ve been living in the past.

Today, a friend told me, “You can never undo the past. You can either forget about it or forgive yourself so you can live the present”.

Forgive myself. These powerful words creep through my veins that I slump with disbelief because I realized that after all these years that I thought he was to blame for my misery somehow didn’t sound right anymore. Did I just waste all those tears when I cried myself to sleep? All those bottle of wines and beers I downed to help me sleep at night? All opportunities I missed because I lost my self-confidence and self-esteem? All those moments I could’ve enjoyed with friends but couldn’t because it was he who I can only think of? All those times when I thought I couldn’t make it through the day because my world revolved around him? Darn it! It all depended on me.

But still, a question lingers…How can I forgive myself?

Things are much easier said than done. Believe me when I say though that I do want to forget about it but how can I just do that when everything I see keeps me reminded of him? When I switch on the television, I’d see movies about love stories. When I go to the mall, I’d see couples everywhere. When I turn on the radio, it would play our songs. When I eat at a restaurant, I’d be reminded of his favorite foods.

I’ve been contemplating of traveling alone. Embark on a journey to a place where I hope I can find answers to my questions. This, hopefully, could help me recover and find myself because I can’t give up. It will never been easy but I will traverse from misery to bliss. Like a caterpillar, I will metamorphose to a butterfly with colorful wings of hope that could take me anywhere as I please to see the world in a whole new perspective. I will create a garden of flowers so I can share to those who also seek themselves that there’s still beauty in this world. I will flutter away from despair and hopelessness. I will find my paradise through prayer and faith.

I encountered this quote from Paulo Coelho: “Don’t allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not.”

Indeed! I’m not a miserable, desolate, self-pitying 30 something because I had one experience of heartbreak. I am a beautiful, confident, smart woman, a delicate butterfly that symbolizes hope and resilience, worthy of love and respect, and one who will bring beauty to the world and conquers!

I am a butterfly!